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Our SMARTSystem users tell some of their sales, management and expansion successes...

Floral Growers & Wholesalers who use our SMARTSystem business management software:

John Kobylinski

Orlando Wholesale Florist

Orlando, Florida

“Thanks for all your help and support. It’s nice to know that we picked a great vendor to partner with.”

Ivan Van Wingerden
Ever-Bloom Inc.
Carpinteria, California

"The SMARTGrow software from Floral Computer Systems has been a game-changer for us at Ever-Bloom."

"We trepidatiously [nervously] waved goodbye to our old FAS system and jumped head first into this modern-age robust sales and accounting system and haven’t looked back since. The system was nearly turn-key for a lot of the features we needed, and the tricky custom requirements were able to be added in and have worked seamlessly.  The best part about the system is its ability to adapt and improve as the industry changes.  We’ve added features as customer requirements or operational procedures have changed, which has added a lot of value to the system and kept it up to date and relevant.  Overall we’re very pleased with the SMARTSystem and have enjoyed working with its dedicated team of programmers and problem solvers."

Paul Christofakis, Partner
Floramax Wholesale, Ltd.
Richmond, Virginia

"Thanks to Floral Computer Systems' SMARTSystem we have become more efficient in our buying. We have better control over our inventory as well as our pricing.

"With our website developed also by Floral Computer Systems we have increased our sales without increasing staff."

"Changing to the SMARTSystem is kind of like getting off a horse and into a sports car..."

Mike Hurley, President
Oklahoma Flower Market, Oklahoma

"At first we were a little timid but now we could never imagine returning to our old ways of doing business.  Our old software just couldn’t keep up.  The SMARTSystem has helped give us the tools and information necessary to move forward in this rapidly changing industry.  John, Rob and the entire SMARTSystem Team provide continuing support that far exceeds my expectations.  John is one of the most honorable people I know and his company’s integrity and customer service are second to none in any industry.  It’s great to have the SMARTSystem staff on our team; I believe it gives us an advantage when every advantage counts."

"The SMARTSystem has cut out at least 70% of the time I used to spend..."

Louis Pacanins
First Choice Floral, Dallas, TX

"Using the SMARTSale™ System, I was able to leave early on a Friday for the first time in 8 years. I’ve got all my orders in, I know what I have to buy, and I can go home and spend time with my family.

"We put in the SMARTSystem right before a major holiday and it made a huge difference in our operation. This software streamlined our business so we’re much more cost efficient.

"The SMARTSystem has cut out at least 70% of the time I used to spend buying flowers.  On special orders, more than a handful per week used to be difficult to keep up with.  Now, I can handle an unlimited number.

"It is truly a blessing to do business with you and your company. Thank you for the hard work and dedication to make our business successful and SAFE."

"The SMARTSystem is one of the easiest systems to learn and use..."

Debby McSwiggen, Manager
BW Keystone Wholesale Floral Supply
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The Floral Computer System is very user friendly. I have had  much success in using the system and also teaching our staff how it works. Any problems that were encountered in the first few weeks of using the new system were quickly addressed and solved by the staff at Floral Computer Systems. Also, any special programs that we needed to have implemented on our new system were fulfilled to our greatest desires.

"It was and still is a pleasure to work with John Henderson and his staff. They are quick to respond to any situation and resolve the matter immediately. Any questions I have with the system are addressed and explained in detail so I can understand the full concept.

"I would recommend this system to anybody in the floral business. The SMARTSystem is one of the easiest systems to learn and use."


"With Floral Computer Systems we found everything that we require to run our business..."

Mike Furlong, Manager
Ocean Breeze Farms
Carpinteria, California

"When it comes to business software, our company is very discriminating. We know what we want and what we need. We don’t make decisions under duress or out of desperation. We choose wisely and only after careful evaluation.

"We’ve been fortunate enough to have made a good choice with our purchase of the SMARTSystem by Floral Computer Systems. Those good choices are defined by commitment, diligence, honesty, transparency, value and intelligence.

"With Floral Computer Systems we found everything that we require in a company, a company that produces one of the most important tools of our business, the software.

"It’s the thing that brings our transactions to life/SMARTSystem animates our sales. The SMARTSystem is the home of our customer database. It’s the home of our product database and our inventory. SMARTSystem processes our orders, cuts our waybills, runs our sales reports, and closes out our day; seamlessly transfers our sales transactions and data to our accounting system. The SMARTSystem is one of our most valuable assets.

"The SMARTSystem is the second thing that’s turned on at the start of every business day. The first thing we turn on are the lights.

"We knew we made the right choice when we had our first training session. A detail like training is usually overlooked or offered at an extra charge. How many companies do you purchase from that are as committed to your success with their products as Floral Computer Systems is with SMART? Not my car. Not the photocopier in our office, which is still a big giant mystery box. Not my television. Ironically not even my computer.

"John Henderson was patient, understanding and knowledgeable. The training was the key to our crew working with confidence and eagerness. Think how valuable it is when your crew is cooperative when learning a new system and are invested in the success of that system.

"Our company spoke to John and Frank in September of 2015. We went live on January 02, 2016, our first day of business after the New Years. That’s unheard of for a system as sophisticated and detail rich as the SMARTSystem is. I talk to wholesalers that have purchased systems that took three years to deploy. Others that have purchased a new system and found within a year that their crew and customers were so dissatisfied with glitches and delays, that they were forced to purchase a new system.

"Support is a very important part of a business software system and I can say without qualification that the customer support offered by Floral Computer Systems is unequaled. John, Rob and Suzanne are always willing to step in to address even the smallest of details with a response time that make you wonder if you’re their only customer.

"The SMARTSystem was the best choice our team made in many years and it not only fits with a desire to operate in a smarter, more efficient manner it actually makes our sales team smarter and more efficient.

"John, thank you for your excellent and sincere service."

Mike Furlong, Manager
Ocean Breeze International
3910 N. Via Real, Carpinteria, CA 93013

"The SMARTSystem has eliminated guesswork and made us more profitable..."

Blake Mobley, President
Zeidler Floral Co., Inc., Indiana

"We have been using the Smart System for over 2 years now, and it is long overdue that I formally share and express our candid feedback using your system. Although you know we have been very happy, I wanted to give you our testimony from a more experienced standpoint and one not influenced by all the initial excitement and attention.

"First off, the entire implementation process was very professional, well organized, and paced properly. You were thoughtful of our time, yet made it very clear the importance of following the plan and for us to do our homework and communicate our issues and concerns. It was your thoroughness throughout and high level of communication that always gave me the confidence we could transition into better operators by using the tools of the Smart System. I loved that you challenged us when we wanted to change something early on and you asked us to use it as it was designed for a period of time. That method allowed us to make positive enhancements to our operations and also feel comfortable when revisions were indeed needed to accommodate our particular issue. As you know, everyone caught on very easily and we never missed a beat going live a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. It was clearly evident that future success was in our cards if we continued our use and learning of the system.

"Now, two years later and over several holidays, I can say with factual proof, that the Smart System is helping us to be more profitable. The main reason, amongst many, has been the easy accessibility to answers of what we have and what we need for when.

"The guesswork is mostly gone and our turns and margins are better than ever. By using the system we know right away if pricing is out of line and have a pulse of our margins at all times. There is no longer the waiting for monthly financials to know where we stand and that in itself had given my managers and I the answers we need to make changes in real-time and not weeks later. I never thought we could maintain “live inventory” of fresh flowers, but i r only limitations are ourselves and the time to utilize more of what we know is in there.

"I’d also be remiss if I didn’t touch on the people and service of Floral Computer Systems. John, Rob, and staff have always been there for us with patience and professionalism. I’ve been in this business for 28 years, and I can honestly say that John offers the highest level of service that we have ever experienced in the tech sector. In addition, he is passionate about what he does and also for our business and needs, which makes him a joy to work with. I look forward to going live with the website this fall and delving deeper into the plethora of reports and data to find some other nuggets of gold.

"Thank you for giving us the tools and support to be better in serving our customers and being a more efficient and profitable business. I wish every investment in technology gave us the ROI as the Smart System and look forward to many more years of working together."

"The SMARTSystem has helped us become more productive, have better accountability and be more profitable..."

Scott Isensee, General Manager
Portland, Oregon

"Our Floral Wholesale business was seeking an enterprise system to manage and control inventory, have an easy to use POS application, and be written in floral language.  Floral Computer system met that challenge and surpassed our expectations.  We have been using the Floral Computer System since 2011 with excellent results.

"What we appreciate most about working with John and his team is their ability to make changes and adapt the program to fit exactly what we need to accomplish.  I have access to a laundry list of reports from sales person performance to sales by product, & inventory gross profit reports.

"We now manage over fifty thousand SKU’s and product codes that allow us to deliver superior customer service, profitably.

"Tomorrow is our 3-year anniversary with Floral Computer Systems and it is a good time to acknowledge you and your staff for the company we have become since then. The SMARTSystem has helped us become more productive, have better accountability and be more profitable. The easy-to-obtain usable reports in inventory, Purchasing and sales are the tools I need to keep our business on track.  If I needed anything added or 'tweaked,' your programmer Rob has made it happen and usually with the attitude of “I’ll get that done right now!” When a company works this hard at customer service, it’s a company I will gladly recommend and refer. I look forward to continued success with our partnership in 2014 and beyond.

"Thank you John and to your staff."

"The SMARTSystem gives us the information we need at a moment's notice..."

Tony Perry, Owner
Ronkonkoma, New York

"The SMARTSystem is amazing!  We can sell much better because we know what we have to sell in real time, so we never oversell. We used to do a lot of this work manually, but the SMARTSystem gives us the information we need at a moment’s notice. It’s allowing us unlimited growth and has exceeded my expectations.

"Perri Farms has been using the SMARTSystem since September 1, 2012.  All of our operations have improved considerably, we are much better organized with information at our finger tips. Everything flows smoothly with orders getting out on time.

"This Valentine’s holiday was the best ever for us. Everything flowed smoothly, no screaming and yelling for product, orders got out on time. It was calm with little to no anxiety. I attribute much of this to being better organized with our new SMARTSystem and having the information to be able to manage better.

"The SMARTSystem gave us the tools to be more efficient. Even with two feet of snow on the ground and losing a day, we had a smooth operation because of the SMARTSystem.

"Our inventory over Valentine’s Day was perfect except for 1 box of roses we could not account for. Several days later a customer mentioned that we shipped them an extra box of roses. All inventory was accounted for during one of our busiest holidays.

"The SMARTSystem gives us so much more control by having the information available. It is very helpful for a smooth running operation."

"Our website [created by Floral Computer Systems] became operational October 7, 2014 is a great enhancement to our operations providing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year access for our customers. With our website we have increase revenue and streamlined our operations further.  All website orders are clearly identified in the SMARTSystem and our sales rep and manager are notified when a website order is submitted.  This website is a fabulous tool and ensures our  future growth.

Michael Tracy
Can-Mex Wholesale Flowers
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you so much for your SMARTSystem. Daily operations have improved immensely. Organization is so much better. Processing and allocating product is 1000% better.  I don't know if we would be where we are today if it wasn't for you, your team and the SMARTSystem. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


John Young and Sean Young
Empire Flower Suppy, New York

"We have grown by leaps and bounds with the SMARTSystem..."

"We are very well organized now that we are using the SMARTSystem. The SMARTSystem was incredibility helpful during the Holidays, with significantly less problems.

"We have grown by leaps and bounds since we have installed the SMARTSystem."

Floral Computer Systems: Makers of floral industry business management software and technology solutions.

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