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If so, you're working too many long hours!

Our SMARTSystem software will give you live inventory, reduce confusion, eliminate errors, increase your sales and smooth out your daily operations. It lets you get more done in less time...

Are you still running your floral business
on old spreadsheet and accounting software?

SMARTSystem business management software for flower growers, wholesalers and importers Software developed and supported in the USA.

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The SMARTSystem Floral Business Management Software for Growers, Wholesalers and Importers is fully modern, easy to learn and designed exclusively for the floral industry. It's built to integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks and SAGE accounting software.

Features and Benefits of SMARTSystem Floral Inventory Management Software

Benefits to you:


It is intuitive and lets you focus on running your floral business and making money


Having the information you need giving you more time to manage your business and reduce stress


Get the high-powered system of your dreams very affordably



Save money by using only what you need – fast Return on Investment


Helps leverage your website to increase sales and profits



Prevents over-stock, under-stock and costly waste



Protect your margins, maximize your profits, ensure long-term business viability


Use the world’s most popular and easy-to-use accounting software, or use the accounting system you’re most comfortable with


Save time and money with paperless PO system & fast, accurate receiving


Save time, money and improve cash flow when you email customer invoices


Speedy sales entry and walk-in service of customers and inventory control


No more time wasted checking the warehouse to see what’s available to sell

SMARTSystem features:


Simplicity of operation



Complete inventory management system including PO’s, inventory tracking, sales & reporting


Reasonably priced for your size business



Scalable and sold based on number of users



We provide a selling platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing website


Purchase Orders management – system keeps your buyers organized


Calculate sales price based on established rates



Our software works with QuickBooks or can be adjusted for any accounting system



Easy-to-use PO System that can email the vendor a Purchase Order


Streamline your billing operations by emailing customer invoices


Bar Code scanning optional for both supplies and fresh cut products


Accurate inventory status available on PC or handheld devices

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Floral Industry Business Issues:

Operational inefficiencies and the lack of accurate, real-time information are major problems in the floral industry. These issues add up to delays, waste or counter-productive decisions in every aspect of a floral business: planning, purchasing, inventory, sales and fulfillment. Consider the following questions about your operations:

  Does your business rely on spreadsheets to function?

  Are you “outgrowing” your current system or do you feel you need to upgrade?

  Do you know the true profit margins of your products in real time?

  Would you like to have all the functionality you need without changing your accounting system?

  Do you spend too much time doing product counts?

  Do you know what inventory is available NOW, in real-time?

  Are you experiencing unexplained “shrinkage?”

  Are you experiencing waste due to inefficiency?

  Can you see sales details for any period of time at the click of a mouse?

  Do your buyers easily know what needs to be purchased for future orders?

  Are you wasting time searching for the information you need?

Based on your answers to the above questions, do you feel your floral business is falling short of its potential?

What will happen if your issues are NOT solved? Very likely, reduced floral sales — including lost sales opportunities due to lack of needed inventory – increased costs — including waste from overpurchasing — cut margins, lower profits, failed management goals, increased stress, no personal or family time for managers — and a floral business that may not be strong enough to survive economic downturns.

Our SMARTSystem Software helps you manage and control inventory, sales, profits, order processing, packaging and shipping

The remedy: A complete system to manage and track all aspects of your floral business operations and give you up-to-date information that will help ensure the long-term survival, profitability and well-being of your business.

SMARTSystem™ does just that – it establishes, maintains and tracks the flow of information and goods into, through and out of your business. And SMARTSystem™ is FAST. It’s like putting your operation on steroids, so your company can get Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

Floral Computer Systems has been working in the Floral Industry for over 30 years. We provide effective technology solutions to growers, importers and wholesalers of fresh cut flowers plus floral suppliers. Our staff understands floral growers, wholesalers and importers and the problems they deal with every day.

We brought all of our experience to bear in creating the premier inventory management software for floral growers, importers and wholesalers. SMARTSystem brings both power and ease-of-use to your floral business operations.

SMARTSystem software for floral growers, wholesalers and importers.

Our floral inventory management software offers a number of time-saving options that include:

SMARTSale™ is the main System of programs designed for the Floral Wholesaler. The System is floral inventory management software for fresh cut flowers and/or floral supplies that includes Purchasing, Inventory Control, Pricing, Sales, Delivery, Reporting, Bar Coding, Wireless Technology and more. There is even an option to maintain a separate warehouse or branch location for sales and inventory control.

SMARTGrow™ is the main System of programs designed for the Grower of fresh cut flowers. It provides for inventory management and distribution of floral products harvested, graded and entered into the System. This farm inventory management system includes Inventory Control, Pricing, Sales, Shipping and Reporting.

SMARTSite™ is your integrated E-Commerce website that creates sales orders automatically and places them directly into any of the SMARTSystem programs. It’s like having a sales person available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your Customers to place orders and buy from you anytime. We can integrate this with your existing website to maintain the same “look and feel” that currently exists.

SMARTTruck™ is an extension of SMARTSale that provides handheld options for delivery and truck sales. This program module will transfer sales orders to a handheld device, organize it by Route, provides for Stops on the route, print invoices at the customer location, capture customer signatures that are recorded electronically on your original customer invoice for future reference and accepts payments on the handheld to provide accounting with payment reports by driver.

SMARTImport™ is the main System of programs designed for the floral importer of fresh cut flowers. This floral inventory management software includes Purchasing, Inventory Control, Pricing, Sales, Reporting, Bar Coding and more.

SMARTMobile Suite™ is a suite of programs for handheld bar code scanning devices which can operate in a wireless environment. This can be used by the Wholesaler is for physical inventory counts and price checks done using wireless technology, and it offers much more. It is also used for growers/shippers to track inventory and verify boxes being shipped.

SMARTGraph™ provides real-time statistical sales information to give the Sales Manager direct observation of his floral sales team production with automatic updates every 30 seconds.

Shipping and Reporting: Shipping integration by printing Armellini Shipping labels with Armellini website integration to streamline your shipping operations.



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Floral Computer Systems: Makers of floral industry business management software and technology solutions.

Business Management Software for
Floral Growers, Wholesalers & Importers

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