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Floral Computer Systems: Makers of floral industry business management software and technology solutions.

Many growers & wholesalers are still using just a spreadsheet & QuickBooks or Sage accounting programs. If this is you, you're working WAY too hard for too little profit...

We've found that many floral growers, wholesalers & importers are still "old school" and not really comfortable with computers in their businesses

In fact, we found some of our current clients were using the same methods they'd been using for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, they weren't aware of the huge advantages that are now possible with a modern computer-based management system to make their businesses easier to run and much more profitable with less waste and fewer errors.

Getting computerized is actually easy, affordable and will quickly pay for itself

Regardless of what you may think, it really is easy to get computerized. Floral Computer Systems has more than 30 years of experience in helping growers, wholesalers and importers to switch their companies over to our highly accurate and easy to use floral business management software. We'll help you install the system, train you and your staff, and have you up and running more profitably in just a few weeks. It runs on regular Windows computers and you can be up and running within a few weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Floral Computer Systems makes your daily hassles go away

Imagine for a moment that your business no longer had any of these problems:

  • Overselling on existing stock
  • Sales staff not knowing exactly what's available to sell
  • Wasted stock because of incorrect inventories
  • Errors and mistakes in orders and shipping
  • Not knowing if you're profitable or not every day
  • Incorrect pricing
  • Miscommunication between sales, buyers, inventory and shipping departments

The SMARTSystem works to eliminate ALL of these problems—and it's easy to learn and use. One of the most frequent comments from our clients is that they now can't imagine trying to work without the SMARTSystem, because it keeps them so organized and profitable, with up to date information at all times. See our Customer Successes page to see what our clients think of the SMARTSystem and our continuing support and training.

Works with QuickBooks, Sage and other accounting software

The SMARTSystem has been programmed to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks, and can be easily adjusted to work with Sage and many other accounting software products you may currently be using. The SMARTSystem just makes your entire business run more smoothly, with fewer errors and much less stress on management and staff.


Get a free demonstration to find out how the SMARTSystem can both save and make you more money

Call us to schedule an over-the-phone or in-person meeting. We'll show you in simple language EXACTLY how the SMARTSystem will integrate with your business and QuickBooks (or Sage). Call 727-483-7451.

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Keeping ahead of your competitors

We know the floral business is highly competitive. Sometimes even a single mistake in a single order can send one of your customers off to find a new grower or wholesaler. The SMARTSystem is so good that it almost completely eliminates any possibility of incorrect orders, shipping errors, improper pricing, sales mistakes and more. It instantly integrates with QuickBooks and Sage so that you know your actual profits on EACH SALE.


Personal training and on-going support

We're there for you for the life of your company. Many floral businesses are currently 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation family-owned companies. We know the importance of working with you through the years to make sure all your needs are addressed. We'll work with you hands-on so that all your staff are fully competent. In only a few weeks you'll be wondering how you ever got along without the incredible benefits of the SMARTSystem.

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Live inventory and instant information on sales, orders and shipping keeps your staff fully informed

The biggest business problem is confusion and lack of information between your various departments. Your sales team MUST know what inventory you have in stock to sell. Your inventory team MUST know what stocks and supplies you have and what needs to be ordered. Your  assembly and shipping team MUST know exactly what's been ordered and where it's going. Your delivery team MUST have instant access to shipping labels and barcodes. The great news is that the SMARTSystem automates ALL of this. All your departments can now work smoothly, with the information they need at their fingertips. This lessens confusion, eliminates errors, and incomplete orders which results in a stable business operation with good communications between departments. Your customers will start seeing you as the "company that makes no mistakes."

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Modernize your business and increase your profits.

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We can set up an over the phone meeting to show you all the benefits the SMARTSystem can provide to your company...

  • Let's you know EXACTLY what you have in stock at all times
  • Eliminates overselling and underselling
  • Know your exact profit on each sale and up to the minute totals
  • Cuts product waste, eliminates order errors
  • Saves tons of time and lessens confusion

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Floral Computer Systems: Makers of floral industry business management software and technology solutions.

Business Management Software for
Floral Growers, Wholesalers & Importers

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