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The SMARTSystem takes 80% of the effort and
headaches OUT of operating your floral business

The SMARTSystem makes your daily operations simpler and reduces or eliminates mistakes

The SMARTSystem™ is a grower/wholesaler/importer floral system that captures purchase order, production/harvest data for live inventory, sales, warehouse and shipping management. It’s been designed exclusively for the floral industry and has three modules: One for Growers, one for Wholesalers and one for Importers. It streamlines and speeds workflows and daily operations for maximum productivity.

Modern software for modern businesses

Many companies are still trying to use accounting software to run their businesses, which means MUCH more work that needs to be done manually. With the SMARTSystem, your entire inventory, sales, billing, warehousing, labeling and shipping departments are all coordinated in a single, business management software package that takes just a few weeks to install and learn.

Know your inventory and profits with each sale

Take the daily struggle and guesswork out of your inventory system. Know EXACTLY what you have in stock, what’s been sold and for how much. The SMARTSystem lets you be on top of each part of your operations at all times.

Many of our customers tell us they had no idea how much easier and smoother their businesses could run until they started using the SMARTSystem.  It’s our greatest pleasure to hear how our software has helped our clients expand their businesses.

Automating manual tasks

Our SMARTSystem removes the majority of the manual operations you may now be using, making your operation lean and streamlined.

It’s a fully modern floral management system that lets you know at a glance what’s in stock, what’s been sold and the pricing for each item and lot — with no guesswork. You can be on top of your inventory & financial information every single day!

Customers rave about our personalized training and ongoing support

We know that installing and learning new software can be a big commitment. We'll train your management and staff with personalized support. Our live support staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm (Eastern Time), and we can even set up weekend appointments if needed.

We’ll train your management and staff with personal support, so that the system is installed and working smoothly in just a few weeks.

An affordable system with payment options

We’ll work with you on an extended payment plan that fits with your budget over a set time period. Please call one of our sales consultants for details.

Improves your workflow

Information easily accessible at your fingertips

The SMARTSystem provides an option for e-commerce and gives your
  customers access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

It reduces the number of sales staff and allows them to work anywhere

It streamlines purchase order processing

Allows intelligent bar coding for tracking and inventory control

Provides the ability to sell from incoming inventory

Grower Production Data:
  • Key performance indicators
  • Future inventory requirements
  • Create inventory to sell and publish on website
  • Track product entries by lot
Purchase Orders:
  • Freight is calculated for landed costs
  • POs can be printed and/or emailed to vendors
  • Receiving product simplified, quick & real-time
  • Bar coding and receiving labels optional
Inventory Management:
  • Real time inventory status
  • Latest purchase product cost and freight
  • Average inventory product cost and freight
  • 5 selling levels based on user defined margins
  • Inventory and price labels
  • GTIN compatible
Sales Order Entry:
  • Multiple customer invoice types for your selection
  • Pre-book Orders / Back Orders optional
  • Pick Tickets
  • Shipping labels and Bills of Lading
  • Credit memos
  • Email Customer Invoices


Warehouse Shipping Control:
  • Information generated from sales
  • Actual boxes shipped can be updated when packed
  • Shipping control
  • Manifests available by carrier and/or route
  • Identify orders to ship by carrier or route
  • Armellini operations integration
  • Shipping labels with bar code
  • Warehouse activity report by ship date
Reports and Inquiries:
  • Sales Dashboard for management
  • Margin by product
  • Salesperson performance
  • Sales and sales history analysis
  • Customer sales history
  • Purchasing and inventory
Modern Design and Technology:
  • Multiple business/management locations
  • Microsoft .NET platform
  • Microsoft SQL database (server)
  • Does not require costly equipment
  • Global capabilities
  • Can integrate with QuickBooks, Sage, MAS or your existing accounting system



We have been using the SMARTSystem for over two years. The entire implementation process was very professional, well organized, and paced properly. It allowed us to make positive enhancements to our operations. Everyone caught on very easily and we never missed a beat going live a few weeks before Valentine’s Day.  It was evident that success was in our cards if we continued to use the system. Now, two years later and over several holidays, I can say with factual proof, that the SMARTSystem is helping us to be more profitable.

— Blake Mobley, President, Zeidler Floral Co. Inc.

The SMARTSystem is amazing!  We can sell much better because we know what we have to sell in real time, so we never oversell. We used to do a lot of this work manually, but the SMARTSystem gives us the information we need at a moment’s notice. It’s allowing us unlimited growth and has exceeded my expectations.

— Tony Perry, Owner, A. Perri Farms




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Floral Computer Systems: Makers of floral industry business management software and technology solutions.

Business Management Software for
Floral Growers, Wholesalers & Importers

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