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Software Support Plan (SSP)


Overview and Guidelines

The SMARTSystem™ is a fantastic piece of technology that will provide you great service and control of your business environment for many years.

Our industry is so dynamic it is important for you to have a support plan to stay up-to-date with improvements to the SMARTSystem, in addition to the first class service provided by our staff.

Your SMARTSystem Software Support Plan (SSP) will provide telephone support, software updates, and reduced hourly rates to give you priority services as you need them.

This support plan is not an unlimited service agreement.  Its purpose is to provide you the basic support and protection normally provided for continuous smooth operations. It does not include problems related to hardware, poor operating procedures, such as, not doing backups to an external drive, programming projects, software changes or acts of god.  We are always willing to help with any difficulty you may encounter.

Monthly Support Plan

Floral Computer Systems will provide a monthly support plan paid quarterly to cover basic services to help you operate more efficiently. Our goal is to provide you a support solution to help you become more profitable, more streamlined, more efficient, to better understand and use your SMARTSystem.  Your Software Support Plan (SSP) includes:

  • Priority response to your support calls.  Telephone support is available from 8:30am to 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.  After hours or weekend support is on an emergency basis and may be charged.
  • Your SSP includes software updates that include the latest features available and warranty items through periodic Internet updates for your SMARTSystem program. A Release Summary of enhancements is available upon request.
  • Non-chargeable telephone support is provided each month.  You can use this support time to address questions or do training for you and your staff.  Anything over 2 hours per month may extend into billable charges.
  • Training should be considered an important option to keep your staff sharp with new SMARTSystem options and your business operating efficiently.
  • This plan is not a hardware maintenance agreement and if we determine that a problem is related to hardware or a network problem, it may be necessary for you to contact your local IT hardware representative.
  • Should you encounter an unexplained problem with your SMARTSystem a Trouble Report is requested.  Problems caused by your staff through oversight or mistakes that would normally be preventable and not an error in the software could create billable charges.
  • Trouble Reports are submitted using our web based Fresh Desk ticketing system.  You can access the website using the following link and instructions are contained in the solutions folder when you log into Fresh Desk.

Submit a support ticket:

  • Projects you have that relate to software changes or new features are not included in this Software Support Plan.  They are defined in writing and quoted separately.

Support Costs

  • Programming requests, web design and development are available at a reduced rate of $110 per hour or fixed fee basis. Our standard hourly rate is $150 per hour without this SSP.
  • Additional Users, local or remote, can be added to the SMARTSystem for a fixed cost of $990 per PC, excluding special cases of remote servers.  Remote server installations requiring data replication are quoted separately.
  • The Software Support Plan (SSP) must be maintained to continue the licensing of the SMARTSystem. Should you discontinue your SSP and request support at a later date, you will be required to pay $1,600 to upgrade your SMARTSystem which includes a 90 day Support Plan.

Special Requirements

Should your organization have special requirements that are not covered in this Software Support Plan we will be glad to tailor a Plan to fit your specific needs.

It is a requirement that our clients use authenticated Operating System software, like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Server Software, etc.

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